We should just Legalise Weed and Prostitution already! We are all doing it!

Before you start yapping, if you came here to yap!

I have a question, is there a study showing how much the government stands to gain in revenue if it legalised weed and prostitution? I mean, everyone is smoking weed nowadays, and even if i’m a virgin at 18, I wouldn’t need to make a call, two clicks on my browser and I’m directed to a good brothel in any of the major cities in the country…Say Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuru.

Societies like Netherlands which is among the richest countries in the world legalised it a long time ago, and we will someday, but we can do it now! Revenue from those two underground economies can pay for the Nairobi - Mombasa Expressway!

Vices are more profitable when they are illegal.

Weed is not legal in the Netherlands by the way… just not criminalized. Same thing happens in sections of Germany that border Netherlands. You can smoke in peace, but it is not legal.

Seconded…legal cannabis would change Kenya’s economy…especially hemp (no high)

US…ni perfect case study…feds consider it illegal but different states…one by one legalized it…by referendum…and the states as they legalized it…one can study the outcome…++++ve


These are already big enough!

Ofcourse it’s not, so you remain with the other option mate!


we are a Christian conservative nation we wont legalize such evil in our society . when you start legalizing such things then you open the gates for viler things like homos.

but its a fact all young people i know btn the age of 17 and 30 smoke bhang

…hmmmm. I see.
And drugs…

The sooner you all blind followers of that ancient storybook realise that what anyone does in the confines of their bedrooms shouldn’t concern you and it neither affects you nor your life, why are guys bothered about other peoples business so much? It’s pathetic to be honest. We all have our own lives. Woke countries have realised that.

What happens in the confines of one’s bedrooms shouldn’t concern you but the effects of what will come is what will concern you.

You may have a broken crumbling society, full of all vices just because someone thought its people’s bodies and their own decisions.