We should defend ourselves?!!

Since our politicians are only interested in their survival in office, us the commoners have been left out of the gains of this nation. Not long ago, Ethiopian soldiers crossed the border and killed Kenyan citizens, they have previously killed Kenyan security officers. Somali jihadist have made Kenya their testing ground, meanwhile, most our officers are guarding VIPs in Nairobi while our country is being tarnished by insecurity. So in my opinion, arm the citizens, I believe they are thousands of young men who are patriotic enough to go to North Eastern border and defend the nation. Of course, the ruling classing are afraid of what would happen if the common man was armed.

You want to give guns to muguka base residents without training them?

Most armed citizens would cross-over and join alshaitan. Alshabaab emboldened by the new numbers would restart its missions on piracy and kidnappings to raise cash to recruit more kenyans. They would then approach MRC and issue them with AK47s, RPGs, PKM, body armour and a few landcruisers. They would then approach the Turkanas and urge them to protect their oil. In a few years your international title would be “kenyan forces aligned to the UN recognized government”

On one fateful night while you are conducting a reconnaissance survey in Mboni forest, you’ll be captured by forces aligned to the alshabaab caliphate na utachunishwa sukuma with all the niceness hadi asubui

Of course, they have to undergo some form of training.

I would not say so, I remember once a group of Nyeri youths were killed by Al shabab in a Mandera quarry, their neighbors in Nyeri couldn’t take it and forced all vehicle coming from North Eastern to stop or diverge. Assuming you armed those youths they would fight those jihadist to the core.

Go to north eastern to defend the country against what?? The youths in al shabaab are kenyans, the soldiers being killed are kenyans.

Kamau am I right in thinking that our borders were left ‘open’ during Kibaki’s era? but arming the ordinary citizen is v dangerous. Just look at the plight of Trumpistan where almost everyone owns a gun…they are different scenarios but just imagine!!

Yes, it is dangerous esp in our region, watu wata-settle score za shamba na bunduki lakini inafaa hii nchi yetu tuikomboe kutoke hii upuzi si hupitia kila siku.

Don’t wait up…for the revolution!

Politicians are a reflection of the citizens, without a strong judiciary and the police we’re going nowhere.
Truth is in a civilised society if you cannot accord the lawmakers, arbitrators and enforcers with equipment and knowledge we descend into lawlessness.
Imagine arming a lawless Kenya, we’ll be ashes in hours

Even without taking arms, what we should do is to rise up against the ruling class and say ciaigana ni ciaigana!

We need this ASAP, kwanza hii mwaka kutakuwa na njaa noma.

True, that is why citizens accept being oppressed by their rulers.

That’s how things appear for now. Tough times ahead

punda wewe, chukua bunduki ukimbie somalia ukatwange hao kasia

in Kenya, the pretentious judiciary came to the brink of demanding that KDF be disbanded since it did not meet the 2/3 gender rule. Mimi nasema warushe hizo mabich zote zilikuwa zianataka hiyo mambo ziekwe boda zipiganie kenya

They accept because it’s the only scenario they’re allowed to imagine