We punished Uhuru


Looks like Jomo vile ame brush nywele back… I bet he missed this look.

Why do Kenyan elite not have private jets??

Does it mean these guys have no major investments outside Eastern Africa??

Isipokuwa the top G Humphrey Kariuki, everyone else ni kama hudowea za gava ama wanacharter na doh ya gava.

When on official business you use official transport, not private transport.

Private jet humake sense kama uko kwa country kubwa enye kutoka city moja hadi ingine ni over 1000 kilometres, bila kuvuka mipaka. A private jet in Kenya is not a fuel efficient lamp and will be serving no purpose.

I know. But some like RAO still try to use government resources even for personal journeys. Remember when he went to Dubai for medical checkup.

Shida is not owning, everyone with Kes 500M in KE can afford to buy one. The real issue is maintaining it, which can run into several million dollars. Also they don’t have essential investments that would require them to fly frequently. So it makes sense to just lease and/or charter which is way cheaper. @Pilot_Rubani can explain to you why ndege inafaa ikuwe angani all the time to justify the exorbitant costs of owning one.

Not really. It makes perfect sense if you have a multinational business. I’m sure many swiss billionaires have private jets yet their country is smaller than Turkana county. I think local elites do not have multinational business interests to warrant owning the jets like other rich people in Europe and Asia.

I already know the costs of owning a private jet. It runs between $1 and $2M per year. To make sense of owning a private jet, you have to fly for more than 200 hours every year. So, in my view, I think local elites do not own jets because most can’t afford them, and the few who can do not need to fly more than 200 hours every year to purchase one. That’s just my guess. The remaining few like Uhunye cant buy one because they can use government jets anyway.

True, if you can’t clock 100+ hours yearly, stick to chartering one or board commercial and book yourself a business class suite like @Sidindi Bey does when he goes from Seattle to New York to see his boyfriend.

Umeuliza swali na ukajibu… you deserve a banana.

Its not that they cannot afford. Kenya ile distance kubwa unaeza travel ni only 500 kilometres kutoka Nairobi, huwezi compare na Cape town kuenda Johannesburg. Kenyan elite wanatumia helicopters, na izo ziko na high operational cost kuliko private jets, so sio maneno na affordability, wanaeza afford, lakini hawana sababu ya kununua. Hawana kazi nayo. Wanabiashara wa congo wana ndege mingi kuliko wa huku kenya, kulingana na local conditions za country yao.

Maliza hio ghassia :D:D:D:D

Azimio bonobos still believe uhuru didn’t play them

@Azor Ahai ni zile fwethe hulipwa kshs, 34, 762.54 after pay as you earn tax deductions but online yeye ako level moja na Dangote.

Mbona wawe na personal jet while they can use government provided for free?

Most Kenyan elite have made money using dubious unsustainable means. Most of them when asked what they do they mumble “farming”. They have nowhere to travel with private jets. Look at Madvd for example, what would he do with a private jet yet all his money has been stolen by him and his father from government. The only businesses they start are hotels and insurance companies.


He looks so much like his father.

Investments zao ni flats Kinoo , Kitengela , and some chicken farms in Eldoret, Naivasha ,Nanyuki. private jet itakupeleka wapi…
very non-innovative motherfuckers…