We Ought to support Sonko.....

On his war against Corruption in our Judiciary. It’s a high time we demand Judicial reforms.
Sonko is a man of means, and He was shown the middle finger, so, what about the common man ?
I’ve heard of people who have been following for justice for over 15 years, na bado, but wait until you are getting auctioned.

He is a bitter man and you best believe it was a blackmail and the judge called his bluff

Judiciary ombudsman,

The opportunity is here, and we ought to take advantage of it, noticed how our politicians and lawyers have taken a hiatus ?

Sonko’s probleems cannot be easily solved unless himself solves them

Let’s hope it culminates to something worthwhile not just laughs

We all agree our Judicial is full of unethical characters.

The judiciary is totally rotten. There’s no justice for the hoi polloi in Kenya

independence of the judiciary is sacrosanct. kila mtu afagie kwake.

Sonko is an idiot, support him a lone. Do you see what he does to those people who support him?

Sonko is only fighting for himself.

Set a thief to a catch a thief!

I don’t agree with what he’s is doing, but the opportunity is here.

To rein in an arm of the government? Judge Chitembwe will be the fall guy, I agree with @dingoo_wa_ingoo let Judiciary is independent.
If it falls under the whims of the politicians we’ll have a replication of the NPS, where are those elders who think I have rose colored glasses on the police issue.

Let’s start with an audit of the laws of Kenya

Tutasema na tutaenderea kusema;
He is trending on some very dangerous ground.

Form application za customized title ziko wapi kiongoss

we all know Sonko is a thug but kama he is revenging by fighting corrupt judges, the enemy of our enemy is our friend tuko na yeye. The chitembwe petition was done 12 months ago ikakaliwa na corrupt Maraga JSC sasa after the exposes imeanzishwa . lets finish all known corrupt judges, Sankale, Muchelule, Chitembwe, DCJ mwilu, Ogalo , two judges in Mombasa and malindi

That’s my point

Chitembwe naye ni corrupt na tamaa ya pesa kidogo. How do you have bribery conversation with bribery handlers in the court Chambers? Did it cross his mind that those offices are bugged