We never raised our voices while the poor were evicted...no one is safe #systemyamajambazi

Land is a thorny issue in our country.

when shall we reach level headed status? what’s the benchmark? I feel we should have the right so that if you get the idea of breaking my door with a stone in a gunnybag you think twice. hata kazi ya polisi itapungua…

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But yeye ndio the only one showing up with his team…police hawakuji, county hawakuji, National Lands Commission are nowhere to be seen…MP and MCA hakuna yule anaonekana kukusaidia…so it’s only sonko with his crude methods


If I want to kill you I don’t need a licensed gun to do it. Kuuana tutauana iwe na panga au bunduki nothing in the law can change that.

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Sad how rotten this country has become.
A land of thieves, thieves in waiting, look outs and apologists for the thieves.

I was made to believe that it’s dimmed only who refuse to pay rent. …smh

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if you believe spermnyeto it is only shiny eyes that…

In a country like ours that’s like adding gasoline to burning house. …what will happen in places like Rift valley after the uhurotomance is over? Don’t hand guns to fools who dont know that guns have rights too

Steal? ?

ok, i understand you mean guns come with responsibility, just like rights. if you come at me and you know i have a deadly weapon then you must have thought carefully and decided what you are coming for is worth dying for. the right to arms therefore eliminates deadly wildcat bully acts…

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yeah, and several other stereotypes…

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Hii tuliona ile siku JC alivuka Rubicon

Property values at 100M alafu ana insist amelipa 14M na sasa ni yake lol…