We need an Electoral College Voting System

Like I said in the Ekuru Aukot @Mundu Mulosi post, we have to vet those who vote and those who are voted in. Unlike America where the electors are party and state officials. For you to be allowed to vote, you have to demonstrate how and why you are voting for who. This can be done using a questionnaire (or any competency based test) and any language can be used.

The same for politicians who are vying though a different questionnaire can be designed.

Now the trick comes when you deny people their vote, so you don’t reveal who has to vote. But for politicians, we let IEBC choose who’s to be voted in after shortlisting them by looking at their past activities and the recent questionnaire.

People will vote as usual but the voters who passed the test will decide the vote. This can be done by assigning a metric weight as per the performance of the test. The weight can vary between 0 and 5. If you are a thuraku voter then you get less than 1. If you can demonstrate using logic and not emotion how you chose who to vote for then you get above 1.

Now every county has to have a certain number of these voters and the president has to garner a certain number from each county to win. Same with all elected officials. Finally, at the end of the vote, IEBC should make known the vote deciders and how they passed this questionnaire test.

All this is possible if we have competent people at the IEBC. The downside is that this will be hard to sell to the electorate. Another downside is that it will be expensive.


They will still find a way round this one too. A country that boasts of mpesa uet they cant build a voting app tells you they are not interested in a foolproof electoral system. What you are suggesting assumes the voters who pass the test are rigproof. A college is easier to manipulate

I’m neither team ruto nor raila.

That’s why I said it will work if IEBC is clean, but it’s a change that we desperately need and it will help us learn where the problem with voting is.


That’s why I said nobody will know who decides the votes. A blockchain system or even machine learning algorithm can streamline the system. Kazi ya voter ni kufanya test, leave the algorithm to decide the weights and then calculate the winners score and reveal all after the vote.

There is no problem with voting. The problem is how the vote is handled and managed. As Stalin said, " it is not the people who vote that count, it is the people who count the vote that count"

Soma hiyo post reply to @M2Random.

Can the algorithm be manipulated? From my basic knowledge, any system can be hacked with enough time and the right tools.

Blockchain can’t be hacked, the algorithm therefore won’t be accessible for manipulation

One man one vote

And who decides what voting system to be used? Last I checked, people do. And those people can be bribed. You see, if you cant hack a system, then you have to make sure it never comes online. You bribe or coerce the people who decide on which system to be used. If you fail, and cant hack it, you do the next best thing. SABOTAGE. If it cant be hacked, making sure it doesn’t work is the next best thing.

Yes I said it would be a hard sell to the electorate. A good leader can convince them. As per the last election, I think we have significantly improved how we do things.

Universal suffrage is a dying system. We never learn or if we do its too slow. Future voting systems will use blockchain and electoral systems that allow for faster learning.


cant be hacked? really? remember ethereum and the decentralized organization?

The websites were the vulnerable entities, not the blockchain system. Ethereum was hacked because it employs smart contracts, we can employ a bitcoin type of blockchain that doesn’t use smart contracts.

Hii itawezekana 2099, for now pambana na Hali yako…

I love the idea but hiyo pesa itatoka wapi? Esp after hii upus ya referendum iishe we will surely be on that 16% VAT by force sasa

The websites were not hacked, but rather DAO which was a core component got compromised because of a vulnerability

Now correct me if am wrong , mimi hapana elewa technology saana, but what makes up a system? isn’t it the full shebang? regardless of whether a component is a contract , interpreter , negotiator or a token?

If i exploit a component that allows me to gain access to your system, havent i hacked you?

From my not so tech savvy perspective, what you are implying is that if i exploit SMB to gain access to your server, your server is still uhackable because i didn’t exploit a weakness in the kernel