We Need A Pressy From Other Tribes Not Just The Two!

Mimi ni Kikuyu wa Naks but its time a person from the other 42 tribes led Kenya. From 1963 to 2022 only 2 tribes have led Kenya. I know this will generate a lot of heat watu wakisema bora performance.

Oukot, Kibwana, Mutua, Matiang’i are all qualified and are men of substance.

Si usimame uchaguliwe,noogle!

Typical ape reply. We have a long way to go

Msenge bonobo typical dimwit qualities,meddling in matters that require not your attention…get busy nigger or die.

Technically Moi was a Tugen and Ruto is a Nandi. Two different ethnic groups. Moi created the concept of Kalenjin tribe to maintain his grip on power