We need a Mossad-like Focus in dealing with Terror


I have come to like their way of dealing with terrorists

In its heyday, KGB was also very brutal. Talked too little while doing so much. Americans and Europeans talk too much


an even better narration of the same story


Since this day, terrorists dont kidnap russians, till kingdom come.

Aljazeera ni bitter mourning tu wanafanyanga about israeli conquests 24/7 . maghassia

While Mossad is good at executing terrorists and enemies of the Israeli government with surgical precision, what many fail to appreciate is that Mosssad is good at recruiting ideological allies all over the world, including in majority Muslim countries. Also, it never leaves it’s allies in hostile zones once the mission is over. There is an excellent documentary of how Mossad ex-filtrated a senior Iraqi army officer together with his family by car, during the reign of Sadam Hussein. The lengths Mossad went to save this man from execution sounds almost like a Hollywood action flic.

They have to do anything to defend the country they stole

Where did .Ke come from?

Are you trying to say that we stole this country?

I dont really know where the name came from but us the people we have been here for a long time

There is a a movie (can’t remember the name) on the Iraq airforce officer escape to Israel with a MIG jet arranged by the Mossad.

I’m saying this ‘country’ is a social contract serving individual interests.

Not from West and Central Africa?

We came here 2000 years ago. So this is our land

That is white man history. Some ethnic groups have been here for around 5,000 years and the rest state clearly they came from Somalia Ethiopia Sudan Tanzania and Mozambique

No mention of Section 6 or the SOG? I’m disappointed.

Kenya needs a special force that identifies and execute anyone who’s involved in radical Islamic terrorism in Ethiopia we have 5-8 million somalians yet we haven’t had a single terrorist attack

We had the flying squad, the Civil society helped dismantle it

Mossad is in it’s own class, for by stratagems though shall wage war

It is true that they have not experienced the Al shabab terror attacks like Kenya but, there is another explanation worth noting which is often ignored even by our own state agencies. I will copy and paste this analysis here below from an African security expert. The title of the paper is " Explaining the differences in al-Shabaab expansion into Ethiopia and Kenya".

Here are two excerpts from this very interesting paper which explains why Ethiopia does not experience Al Shabab terror attacks like we do here in Kenya.

[CENTER]Explanation One
“”“Islamic extremists have likely had limited success in Ethiopia because Ethiopian Muslims are not equally singled out by state repression and discrimination and because grievances are more likely to be framed as ethnic”"

[CENTER]Explanation Two[/CENTER]

“”“Clan dynamics may also play a role as a determinant of successful al-Shabaab expansion into predominantly Muslim areas in neighbouring countries. For instance, the tense relationship between the Kenyan state and the Somali Marehan clan has most likely enabled al-Shabaab to operate in the borderlands between Kenya and Somalia. If the Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) were viewed in a more favourable light among the dominant clans in north-eastern Kenya and southern Somalia, the risk of surprise attacks on the KDF or police would probably decrease considerably. Al-Shabaab can scarcely operate in large numbers without the knowledge of the local clans. Furthermore, one expert on Ethiopia claims that the relationship between al-Shabaab and the Ogaden clan in Ethiopia is crucial for the jihadi group’s inability to recruit from, and operate in, the Somali areas of Ethiopia. Thus, a strained rapport between those two actors may be part of the reason why al-Shabaab has been unable to gain supporters in eastern Ethiopia. Convergence of ethnicity and religious beliefs may strengthen ties within a community, but also creates more pronounced in-groups and out-groups, which in turn may increase the risk and severity of conflict if competitive elements are added. Moreover, it seemingly has a more practical effect, since ethnicity in many places is closely tied to territory. This union between ethnicity and space means that ethnicities which are religiously plural may also be more likely to be religiously intermixed in space. In Ethiopia, ethnicity does not determine religion to the same extent as it does in Kenya. For instance, the largest Ethiopian ethnic group – the Oromo – are comprised of almost equal proportions of Muslims and Christians. This means that discrimination against the Oromo and underdevelopment of the Oromo heartland is unlikely to cause religiously framed grievances. In Kenya – where religion, ethnicity and space are closely linked – religious anti-state narratives may be more effective”“”".

We have anti-terror police.

American and European Intel have committed worse atrocities while letting someone else take the blame. Read up how MI6 for example used SAS officers masquerading as local police to eliminate several IRA members/ terrorists in cold blood while maintaining deniability. Unafuatwa across three countries to be eliminated far from home then news sources zinatangata vile local police acted on you.

Marehan are against terrorists. They are Sufi like most Somalis.