We need a dictator like M7


Great move…

Colors za UDA

serekali ya uganda imeshindwa kulipa hii?:D:D:D

This is still not bad coz for one, cost of living in UG is less than kenya and it means the athlete can literally quit their day job and concentrate 100% on their skill. Here we have the issue that ata kama unashinda, you still need to do an 8-5 job thing. Not very good for you to nurture your talent

…exactly my thoughts. :smiley:

and tax free tena

roadside declarations:DBaafrikas ways of running governments. No wander we are heading no where. On top of that we are now glorifying dictatorship. Amkeni mandugu!

Unaweza pata on GOU official accounts hizo pesa zimekua zikilipwa each month lakini zinafikia athletes only quarterly. Yani za 6 months zinapitwa nazo na ma GOU officials

Waamke waende wapi? Dereva wa nchi ni mulevi kupindukia,wafuasi wake ni wezi