We must learn to live together as brothers or die together as fools.

Uhuru is a billionaire many times over, so is Raila and most of the major political players, their families are fully sorted for generations to come, even if this country burns for decades their fortunes won’t change any bit, Them and their families will be in some city in Europe still living a privileged lives and watching us on CNN as we clobber each other to oblivion. On the flip side if this country burns some of you will lose jobs when the multinationals start pulling out, when the companies start to downsize because they are loosing too much money, when the wahindis trudge back to Punjap or whatever place, when the price of the necessities will rise hazitatambua we nikabila gani, zitatambua uko napesa ngapi, some of you and your relatives and friends will lose their property or even worse their lives. The next time you make hateful remarks and fantasize about a genocide you should remember that most of those people you’re talking about are people like you trying to make a living, chasing their dreams,trying to take care of their families and doing all they can to live a decent life, they are innocent kids just going on with their lives, they are your colleagues, friends, spouses, in-laws. The kikuyus have produced the last two presidents but I don’t think anyone of them ever wrote a check and mailed it exclusively to kikuyus just because they are his tribes men, they may have appointed some of their kikuyu buddies but the appointments are on the basis of their political capital and friendship , otherwise the average Kikuyu hustles like everyone else, the daft ones may brag about them being in government but that’s just that. We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.


Sir!!! We are not in crisis stop pestering us with artical that spell doom.am inclined to think you terrible when dealing with crisis!!!


We shouldn’t wait for a crisis to educate some of these pea brains.



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And you think such posts will help??? its as simple as what is understood does not need to be explained read 2007 violence.

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Ingia FB uone ujinga iko huko, atleast this village contains matured citizens. Huko ni kubaya, no reasoning at all. The only way to stop this getting out hand is to stop this demonstration za cord. If we don’t nyanza and mombasa towns may experience violence


Keyboard warriors hatutambui hii composition yako.

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I hate it when folks try to iron things smooth by equating Uhuru and Raila and then proclaiming that all other Kenyans below are one homogenous, ignorant and malleable mass.

Uhuru won his position on a platform of peace, reconciliation and progressive economics. Raila lost after riding on divisive politics where violence and destruction are condoned and implicitly encouraged.

Every day, Uhuru tries to appeal to Raila to stop the aggressive tactics and join in developing the nation. Without tiring, he tries to include and involve the aging politician (opening a railway station, Fidel’s funeral, Lucy Kibaki, Madaraka, etc.) Raila’s response is always to intensify hostilities and hurl abuse at persons and intitutions. It is as if he’s hell bent on recreating the ‘crisis’ that gifted him the PM-bandika post in 2008.

The 5 lives lost, and tens of injuries that have been sustained by poor ‘peaceful demonstrators’ would never have happened had he not had that pig-headed idea that he could mobilize people, storm a public office and eject employees.

As for the non-elite mwananchi, not all of us take to the streets to burn tyres, wave twigs, blow whistles, throw stones and plunder at the behest of a politician. We long for a peaceful and progresdive Kenya.


Unfortunately, the divide is cementing. It’s unfortunate but the situation we abhor the most will be the outcome.

I won’t even try to blame Raila as the usual suspects have and will while they forget Ngunjiri and Kuria. Peace between multiple parties requires the concerned parties to be invested in it and we all know that is not the case.

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@ Nattydread, its not all about equating the 2. All he is saying is that Kenya has 2 categories. The haves and the have nots. The have nots being the perennial keyboard warriors.


Practically every country, including the USA, Russia, China, France, … has haves and have-nots. It is easy for a demagogue to exploit the have-nots for his own political goals. We have Trump in the US, Geert Wilders in The Netherlands, Le Pen in France, etc. Their common strategy is to whip up gut feelings and lie to their followers that their plight is the caused by particular person, institution or event.

As we have seen in Kenya of late, the effects of such tactics is the disruption of business, destruction of property, death and maiming, of the have-nots! The architect of the crisis always has a cordon of bodyguards and an SUV idling nearby in readiness.


Dont worry, hizi Jinga zinamsumbua social media are mostly employed lazy keyboard warriors. Mimi sinanga hata time ya kuona stupid news cc @Nattydread

Mimi bora Kitunguu inuke,mukitaka vita piganeni.

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Then what are you always doing here, and so obviously also taking sides?

Just say that the thread took a turn that did not fit the ranting direction you and @jerrydubiz wanted, hence the frustrated labelling of some commentors as ‘paid keyboard warriors’. Kwani who paid him for his insha?

My arguments remain:

  1. Raila and Uhuru, Ruto and Kalonzo are not peasants;
  2. All took part in an election whose uotcome they had pledged to honour (Uhuru Park prayer rally);
  3. Uhuru won, Raila sued and lost in court;
  4. Starting with the empty chairs at Kasarani inauguration, Raila (+Kalonzo, Wetang’ula, et al.) has done his utmost best to undermine Uhuru and disrespect Kenyan offices and institutions, and individuals that have roles to play for the nation;
    5.As his frustration mounts, Raila has lately mobilized the so called have-nots to cause chaos on the streets while he himself is protected by a security cordon that would not hesitate to protect him from the mob;
  5. Uhuru has tried to be gracious and conciliatory through it all, chiding the rebellious rich politicians while inviting them to honour their pledges and also work to improve the lives of the have-nots.
  6. There is no nation on earth, even the idyllic TZ, where the President or PM is a true peasant.


OMG. Adm should allow multiple liking. This expresses my feeling so well!!!

Ndugu, hapa mimi naona contradictions. This is part of what you said at first.

Then, a few posts later, this:-

Now, explain the effects of Ngunjiri calling for eviction of Luos from Nakuru (smh, not even their land) and Kuria calling for the assassination of Raila

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What part is contradictory?

Good point! Kuria and Ngunjiri are trying to counter Raila’s ethnic aggression with their own. They too are wrong because they are falling into Raila’s ‘crisis trap’.

Remember this: Uhuru spent 6 years facing charges at the ICC (to JaKuon’s shameless glee!!) because he was said to have led RETALIATORY violent activities in 2008.