We must get rid of slums

We are building an international city for international people like boring old fart Francis Atwoli who is an international person contrary to what people think. Why are kenyans building slums around our city? They must be demolished.
The only way we can be respected by white people is building Northland’s resort city and show the white man that its possible. That blacks can build a city without slums.

ruai pia wanabomolewa…but naskia ya ruai nayo the residents knew it was grabbed but were assured of protection by a “big person”

No pity for a beneficiary of grabbed land

Hata nao hawatumii akili, they knew the government planned to repossess the land, siwangehamia hata nyumba ya mabati?

Si they flatten Kibera kama ni wanoma?

If they are demolishing Ruai and Kariobangi, they should do the same to Kibera, Korogocho, Mathare etc

Very true. Am starting to think hii soft approach na kukuwa emotional ndio hufanya slums ziendelee kuexist.

True. Let the government stamp hard on these informal settlements. But they should do that in a humane manner and offer solutions.

Watu hapa wanatumia kichwa kama kofia.In a capitalistic society slums will exist.