We must appreciate our diversity.

I hear people often saying that we should not recognize ourselves by our tribes but our country; that is call ourselves Kenyan or African. This is really wrong. The first step towards us living together in harmony is recognizing we are diverse ethnic communities with different cultural beliefs and values and even religion. kenya as a country is a colonial boundary creation and Africa is a geographical location; so my real me is neither Kenyan nor African but rather it save to say I am a Kalenjin who happens to live in a country called Kenya located in Africa. The fact is that biology shows that I am a Kalenjin by blood and it even affects or influence my genetics/physical appearance. We must learn to love each other and live together but we should not condemn or make it bad to appreciate our real background or origin. Peace and cohesiveness will naturally come when we learn, appreciate and embrace our ethnic and cultural diversity.

Come back when all government para-statals, boards, agencies, ministries, military branches are not headed by Kikuyu/kale in the top 6 of 10 positions.

i guess the point is you should interrogate their qualities not their tribe …but you also have a point representation matters in the case of diversity

Evil preaches tolerance until it is strong enough.

African Americans are dying to reconnect with their African roots because it’s something special and we Africans are not even teaching our children our mother tongues.
Personally I’m excited at the proliferation of vernacular stations in TV and radio in Kenya.
Next step would be to teach ethnic languages in schools just like they teach kaburus languages of English and French in schools.
What I’m trying to say is we can’t drop our unique identities. Tribalism is not good. It’s possible to maintain our uniqueness while also being accepting of other tribes

And how is this relevant to my argument above?

In the west they say racism is taught in our society and not automatic. Same applies to tribalism . In the west u will find a white kid playing with a black child bila any hate until either the black child or white child’s parents feed them with racism.

Same applies to Kenya, mtoto mjaluo will be friends with a mtoto msapere until the msapere parents start feeding their kid with usapere alafu waseme wachana na huyo mtoto jaluo.

That’s why u will find some kikuyus hate Raila for nothing. Hata hapa Ktalk, ask them why they hate Raila na utapata hawana concrete reason.

But the problem is not the tribe or ethnicity as such. It is the misrepresentation of ethnicity by parents which fuels hatred

A good example would be the warm embrace of hiv positive @uwesmake and his faggot “shemeji” (code for kunyi bro) @Motokubwa

Tribalism is a killer. It is the heat source to the fire called corruption. I always thought my parents and their generation were tribalists. But we have gotten worse. Taking it to the extreme. They used to call their coworkers yule mkamba, ile jaruo iko wapi? But it was more comical.
We should first embrace nationalism. Then recognize the tribes. I hear Nyerere killed tribalism. So that tells me it can be done.
And nationalism goes a long way. It just says, we Kenyans do things like this. Now we build systems around this. Not importing things in situ like bringing a parliamentary system like the UK. We are not the same.

Idealism vs reality.

Sisi watu wa makabila ndogo hatuna qualities ?

You’re trying to sneak in a fake point . People dont dislike Raila because he is Luo. People dislike him because he thrives in violence, division and chaos. How come these same people dont hate Eric Omondi because he is Luo.

You are forgetting that your insults against Luos is always general. Your argument is born out of bigotry, what your community representatives have said about him. For instance waititu is violent yet the biggest county after Nairobi voted him in. In 2013 Uhuru was not a dynasty but in 2019 he is just because some tribal leaders have said it to their constituents. The truth is we follow what we are told about others and we do little or no reasoning at all in many of this cases.

You are mixing issues and making statements that you have no idea about. You assume that I’m Kikuyu. What have my community representatives said about Raila? What is my community? The people who shout “bigotry” are the most bigoted.

Ethnic stereotypes (what you call ethnic misrepresentation) is not as simple as you make it sound. Parents just don’t wake up and start spreading lies about other tribes. It is a product of generations of interactions between communities, and that’s why i support BBI when they say they want to research 1000 year old history. As for me, I would rather we build on these interactions. There is a reason why the Agikuyu and Akamba refer to each other as Athoni, despite the fact that the Agikuyu have intermarried with the Masai for decades. They (Agikuyu) made a deliberate choice to choose the Kamba as the husbands to the 9 Daughters of Mumbi. It wasn’t by fluke.

In My sub-tribe, the Nandi whom we fight with intermittently, are referred to as abarwa (meaning foreigners.) The Agikuyu, (also foreigners) are referred to as Abasebe. However the pokot, whom we don’t even border, are known as [I]Abasuku /I.

In order to build a cohesive nation, we need to recognize that the Kenyan Nation is a conglomerate of a number of families. The Kenyan Republic on the other hand, is a contract among 47 Million Kenyans. The Nation and the republic must be kept separate. The first step towards that is the abolition of political parties. For as long as political parties will exist, we shall always default to tribal parties