We Lack Real Men in Kenya

How two men can spend two hours discussing another man is something I cannot understand.

I pity my sisters who date kenyan men. [ATTACH=full]280958[/ATTACH]

two idiots

What would you, a woman, know about manhood, in Kenya or in the entire milky way galaxy?

How would you know about being a real man yet you dont have a penis?

You can change your gender oh wise one and teach us how to be REAL men, go the Bruce-Jenner way perhaps.
Biitch red pill is a movement, gender shaming is looong gone. Pambana na Hali yako kasee

Its better to be half a man complete with a dick diggling bwt my legs than to have a hole BTW my legs which I don’t know were it ends


But how can you dismiss the acres written on KT about women by men? yawa tho:mad:any wonder there are no females around? Let me not even mention the MGTOW Brethren…and the lanye buyers. Trashing women left right and center. Sometimes I look at a thread full of men, writting endless compositions about women and I smdh.
Quick kweson, how do they know how women operate?

Fact remains; you and what’s-her-face here, are women. You cannot lecture men and start setting standards on manhood. That is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of your depth.

Naskiliza hii See The Light ya Starpoint. I suspect it was the music of “your time”. Jibambe pia :smiley:


Oh my:D…you belong in the dark ages kikikiki but let me listen to the song. I love music…but another quick kweson, so the men who write acres here about how we women operate are [SIZE=1]wimen[/SIZE]? and I have not called Muchatha Local to come with his succinct grammer to tell us how rubbish we are.

There you go making assumptions. Starpoint not music of “my age”. It’s TBT. I think they were seriously underrated. Renee Diggs, the lead singer, has… had the most amazing voice.

There is a difference. The blokes :smiley: here who say women are trash make no attempt at setting the standards for women.

The author of this thread seems to think she knows what real manliness is - an no Kenyan “man” can ever match up. Why, she writes off ALL “men” in Kenya. They simply do not meet the threshold of manliness - and therein lies the folly of the assertion. She is a woman. She couldn’t possibly know what it is to be a man. It’s like a man, no matter how old he is, trying to tell a woman about how bearable labour are.

thats the fun part…nadda!!

I agree with you…and I never box people into an age group because of their taste in music. I listened to the song and I know it but did not know who sung it. So thanks for that.

I listen to a lot of music from the 80’s coz truth be said, we will never have such talented artists ever.
My dark ages comment was not in reference to the song. It was about views on how women operate.

If I may repeat, it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out your depth.
Same applies vice versa btw