We in Cord want a constitutional amendment

As CORD patriots, we’ve found it quite a noble idea to agitate for a constitutional amendment that will enhance national unity.
We are proposing a constitutional amendment in regard to the position of the DP. To enhance national unity, we want the presidential candidate who emerges second in the polls be the automatic DP. In the last election, Baba had over 5m voters yet we aren’t represented in the national government. Through this amendment, there will be no ‘running mate’ stuff but the winner of the presidential poll will automatically nominate the runners up to be the deputy president. This is the only way to achieve national unity and many Kenyans will feel well represented.
Of course, as opinions polls clearly show Raila will win by a landslide, we are proposing this amendment in order to offer a soft landing for president Uhuru, who will finish second. He will make a good DP. Ruto may want to contest for a governor’s seat in rift valley. As we prepare to take over the government next year, we don’t want to leave out Uhuru and his followers.
We hope Kenyans will support this noble initiative.

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@karl max … what have you been smoking so early my elder ? it is not night time yet to stoke up !
Hapa Kenya tuna “constitutional amendment fatigue” na 2017 kijana Uhuro will be re elected President ya jamhuri. Sasa hii landslide una sema ita toka wapi boss ?
Also in 2022, shelf life ya Baba ita kuwa kaput - best thing elder african stateman, azurure world making speeches at universities. But DP Ruto will still be in the mix.


Also in the spirit of national unity we’ve found it quite a noble idea to agitate for a constitutional amendment, we want the presidential candidate who emerges second to never ever ever again, vie for a presidential nomination/election. We need new blood every election year…[SIZE=2]Si mimi nimesema hayo…[/SIZE]


I am not sober but we need that amendment.

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In the same spirit of tinkering with the constitution to suit vested interests,why not not throw in a clause stating that if one ever contested for the presidential seat and lost more than once they should be barred from contesting again. This will be done to save the contestants,their families and supporters from engaging in a lost cause,loosing money and from the stress associated with being the underdog.


Hahahaha VE, ume ongea like a true elder even when you disagree with what I just said.

whoever sold you whatever you are high on should be hanged

Ha ha ha…hii Ni admission ya mwaka.

Hahahaha! Halafu asumbue the winner for 5 years akinung’unika the way he sulked through Kibaki I and II?

PORK and DPORK are a ticket, always. Get your greedy heads around that.

P.s. Baba ran for the Presidential post and LOST. There are no consolation prizes in politics, just as there are no second golds in the Olympics.

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Hii bangi umevuta inaonekana haijatolewa mbegu vizuri…consult your local dealer

A cry for nusu mkate. :rolleyes::rolleyes: