We hop on the time machine and travel back in time...

We are trying to discern whether JSKS was embodied with strong looting genes since the early days or whether its a trait he picked up on the way.


Affirmative. Confirmed. More than a decade ago, JSKS was still involved in his looting spree. He had graduated since then, opting to do big time looting schemes ranging to billions of shillings as compared to decade ago.

Sugoi atafika asubuhi na mapema sana

[SIZE=7]same monkeys , different forests…[/SIZE]


Stop lying to the guy. I know he will end up with less than a hundred votes on the D Day

Change is difficult to accept

so wakenya wapigie kura the same 1992 KANU orphans until they all die…?

You are all the same. You and that bhang guy living in a utopian world existing in your heads. But even the guy himself knows he stands no chance.

We have to believe in a better Kenya which won’t happen with this assmio and kino Moja crap…if that’s utopia I’m good

acha pupa , niliskia raila atapita na 60%

Some times I sit down and ask myself how did I shout UDA to the rooftop a few months ago. Thank goodness he showed his true colors on selecting his DP. Nikaona mkono wako Bwana, a glaring sign when all the indicators had been ignored. Amin.