We have no preferred 2022 Presidential candidate - Kikuyu Council of Elders


The Kikuyu community has no preferred candidate for the 2022 presidential election, elders have said.
Kikuyu Council of Elders chairman, Nyeri chapter, David Muthoga yesterday said the community will negotiate with all presidential candidates and support whoever will give them a better deal.
He criticised politicians pledging the community’s support for Deputy President William Ruto in 2022.
“We shall not rely on any politician to negotiate on our behalf, because most of them will be after their own personal interests,” Muthoga said.
He said the community has not sent anyone to negotiate with the Deputy President.

Muthoga said the community is not aware of the deal leaders campaigning for the DP struck with him. He spoke in Othaya subcounty, Nyeri county, yesterday during a meeting with Kikuyu elders from the subcounty.
The community, Muthoga said, owes no one and will welcome any candidate seeking to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta for negotiations and support the one who will offer the Kikuyu better terms.
"We must have a negotiation and an arrangement of what we want in 2022 and enter into an agreement before supporting anyone,” he said.
“We have no issues with anybody. Ruto is a good person and very supportive to our President and we love him. He is one of the candidates we expect to negotiate with during the electioneering period.” Muthoga urged area politicians to stop politicking and focus on development.
Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu has been of the same view, but this is the first time elders from the area have spoken on the issue.

Lakini Kenya inakuwanga na so many busybodies purporting to ‘speak for’ people.

The corruption tag is bad but can be washed away with development projects. People need piped water, security, rural electricity, good roads etc
If I was Ruto these are the things I would focus on.
I don’t think Kikuyu people would vote for a person they don’t know (Gideon Moi, Gov Mutua, Joho) when there is a person in front of them who is giving them what they want and need

The people in the rural areas of Mt Kenya don’t have any luxuries. They are still trying to survive. If somehow Ruto is able to bring to them piped water and electricity why would they want to try a new individual who hasn’t proven a thing to them?

naah they will thank UK and then proceed to vote anyone else other than arap Singh.you want mount kenya to vote as a block threaten them just as ao kales wanashinda wakipayuka deni lazima ilipwe or else

Let’s wait n see

threats do not work with mt. kenya. if that was so, maumau wouldnt have happened. and moi would have been a ruler for life.

This kind of talk is nice and very patriotic. However this rhetoric never preceeds an election. In 2021/2 your community will develop powerful campaign messages that will appeal to your deep tribal instincts and reel you in just in time for the election. The election day will simply turnout to be a procession towards installing a tribal King. You might regret it afterwards but the damage will have been done.

very true.even baba is a casualty of this remember 40 vs 1 ama lie low like an envelope?

Quite plausible, I admit. But a guaranteed promise to allow tribal kings + Uhuru’s cousins/uncles to continue with their wanton obliteration of public resources will make Cendro vote as a block.

No. The best cendro motivator is antiratism. Without rat or any of his violent cronies cendro won’t care

Nchi ya vichwa maji

What you call violent cronies will be there in plenty also. Mutahi Ngunyi will give you a nice brief on how you are going to vote a few months before the election date. For that reason you quoted and many more, Cendro will be a block-vote.

FYI, there was Kibaki vs matiba for a time. Block voting was antirat not pro anyone

Invalid: even before RAO block voting was there. And after him, block voting in Cendro will persist. e.g 2012, Kibaki vs Uhuru = block voting.

I didn’t know Kibaki was there in 2012. In 2002, it was all about a break from moi. Uhuru unfortunately was a moi candidate as far as Mtkenya was concerned

He still is.

After 2007, Raila was and is seen as potentially more destructive than moi ever was and his continued 42-1 hasn’t helped

You can do all that but when it gets to the ballot you will still be played, the Kenyan voter doesn’t give a damn about good leadership or development.

Hawa wazee nani aliwapa hii kazi.Ata kama sipingi wanalosema mii hapana tambua wao