We have lost these Ethiopian beauties

[SIZE=6]May their souls rest in peace[/SIZE]


You started a new thread on this and you did not deem it fit to name our 32 dead? I am on the wrong forum, that is for sure.

Ha ha ha Shosh wacha ma-feelings :D:D:D

Beautiful or ugly, it is painful in equal measure when people die in a plane crash.

oooh shit… this is bad:oops::frowning:


It’s really bad… I’m trying to imagine what their loved once are going through right now

the Lord knows

@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii just told me that he would prefer to die today so that he could meet the one in the centre in the life after.

People you got to continue with the business of living. Painful as you make it sound,they are dead.

Why none of those look Ethiopian?

They look so:pgraceful:p just like gazelles.

They sure don’t look Ethiopian.

Wacha kuangalia thighs peke yake coz I know where your eyes are beaming at

Meffi tagataga ghasia fake news


No amount of investigation, and news coverage can reverse a plane crash. People should move on