We have a suspect for the Delphi Murders

Damn. I thought they’d never find him. True crime aficionados here is the case to watch right now. Always want to understand these psychos who stalk and kill girls and women. And guess what? He’s a married man. Just goes to show how good men are at compartmentalusing. You think you have the best husband behind the scenes he’s stalking and killing girls and women just like Ted Bundy. The true crime community is on fire right now. This has been the most puzzling murders of our time.


White men are pedophiles. Their genes have pedophilia syndrome. That’s why they like thin women. Because they look like kids.

Do you know about this story of the Delphi murders ama it’s now when you are hearing about it? It’s HUGE in the true crime community.

About pedophiles they are there in all races that’s why so many men in Kenya are in jail over defilement. At the Coast mijikenda girls are married off as early as age 8, in Samburu the same thing so don’t over blame junguus

Here is the police Presser. I can’t wait for the trial. Will be following in real time. There’s gonna be virtual watch parties. This is HUGE, HUGE, HUGE in the true crime online communities. It is like World Cup. You can not imagine how baffling this case has been, these girls MTSRIP recorded his voice on Snapchat. Can you imagine Kenyan cops keeping up a case for 7 years? Matter of fact cold cases from 20 years ago are being solved thanks to the true crime community. Like the one of Kristen Smart. You don’t know how much satisfaction we who love true crime derive from cold cases finally being solved. It’s such an amazing feeling. When I saw the update I was so so happy. It was not looking good for this case. All leads led to dead ends. I love Delphi, Indiana cops. They did not give up and they did an amazing job.

Too sad this one. I wonder how they finally caught him.

The probable cause affidavit is still sealed so nobody has a clue. His 28 yo daughter is married to an illegal immigrant too. I wonder how she feels knowing that her dad killed 2 innocent young girls. This is just horrifying. His wife also seemed to love him alot. At times you can be with a man for decades and have no idea who he is.