We found empty Coffers: Ruto's ally buys a car worth Ksh 30 Million and flies to middle East to propose to his girlfriend in a posh hotel

Karori Kipchumba after landing State House job…

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Kumbe wakale pia hupiga magoti… :weary:


Watu waache wivu, clap for others until it’s your turn


Tunaclapia ukora? Don’t be an idiot


You know this money is the taxes you pay.


Clap for the people who sweat and toil for their own pockets not those who thrive by emptying the nation’s coffers


He wants us to clap as we toil for them to steal , we should be casting spells that they spend the money to treat killer diseases affecting looters

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Mutu ya nil sina comment. Wakale ndio Simp nation headquarters. Waluhya siku hizi wanafuata mega jackpot na aviators.

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I bet she said yes.

Lakini hakuna watu bloody fuckin’ washamba kama wakale. Btwn Pokot si wakale. Pokot ni Pokot … hapana tambua mtu mwingine. Wakale ujinga yao hawajui ficha white. They gotta let everybody know they made it in the most loudest way they possibly can. That they now the top dog. Kucheza chini ni kitu foreign kwao. Lakini shida yao kubwa ni they don’t properly invest.
Alafu 10 -20 years down the line after the party is done, unawapata hapa streets za Nakuru and in this case Eldoret … reminiscing on the good old days when power was theirs and life was damn pretty good. Problem is they fucked it up when they had the chance coz they were too busy shitting on everybody else and forgot it was just their turn na ivyo ndo generational wealth iliwapiga chenga. I know quite a few of those from the Moi regime.

Legendary rustler on the other hand knew he had to keep his shit together and play his game like a chess master. His was a risky game, playing both sides to his advantage. Which side his loyalty was, was unquestionable tho’ even to the government … but the regime considered him a necessary evil. He made sure of that. A card we still play to date. I guess the man understood the nature of his dealings necessitated a contingency plan just incase shit goes south with his relations with the Moi regime or the next. Then his family needed out; they could exit and he ensured we got secondary citizenship. He choose Canada. Nigger flipped a bunch of government properties hapo upper hill, South B, na Nakuru and invested there. He also Invested alot in our education… I got bored along the way, but my sisters pursued it quite vigorously to the highest levels. By the time the Moi regime was coming to a close … we had quietly exited the scene … with our loot enough for generations, secured and intact both here and away. And few people ever heard of him. He was non political but a behind the scene power broker and career security operator . Game nikucheza chini na kuondokea …