We Export Raw Coffee To Europe at Ksh 200 Per KG & Import it at Ksh 3,895 Per Kg. Rip Off ama Rip off?

Do your simple math here ndio ujue why we will remain poor for many centuries to come.

0.2Kg for 779 Shs = 779 /0.2 =Ksh 3,895 Per Kilo while peasants pale Kiambu na Nyeri wanalipwa 120 Per Kg

Nescafe is made from Robusta coffee which is bitter tasting and higher in caffeine. Our Kenya coffee is mostly Arabica, one of the best coffees in the world used to blend other inferior coffees.
You cannot afford our Kenyan coffee, even in Kenya, but I feel you.

I watch a documentary on kenyan tea being processed in USA, In my opinion they sieved negligence ie takataka ni kama one inch nails,vijiti ya viberiti,mawe ndogondogo. Then blend it, pack it into tea bags then export it to Canada,South America,Africa na Western Europe according to the market map they displayed. Nikakumbuka ketepa tea bags .
Coffee nayo tuko nyuma.

Why do you import it? si you have it here? Ama mnataka mbepari aje hapa aiprocessie papa hapa ?


Documentary gani hiyo bro…sambaza link

Sina link. Watched it on KTN Farmers Tv.

There are numerous local coffee brands which I consider more tasty. Why would you opt for nestcafe?

This is news.
Kenya AA Coffee | New York Gourmet Coffee

The only cash crop helpful kenyans= rose flowers. They can’t be resold here.

I buy my roasted coffee at Kisii, @280kshs per Gorogoro.

The usual bonobo wails and gnashing of fangs.