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Thu, December 10, 2020, 3:15 PM CST

LYNCHBURG, Va. (AP) — Jerry Falwell Jr. has dropped a defamation lawsuit against his former employer, Liberty University.
A judge granted a motion this week to dismiss the case in a move that left open the possibility of Falwell refiling a similar one later, The News & Advance reported Thursday. Court documents give no indication of why Falwell opted to withdraw the lawsuit.
“I’ve decided to take a time out from my litigation against Liberty University, but I will continue to keep all options on the table for an appropriate resolution to the matter,” Falwell said in a brief statement to the newspaper Thursday.

Jerry Falwell Jr. says that his wife’s affair and the strain of keeping it secret has contributed to his depression.

Liberty said in a statement that Falwell’s “unilateral and voluntary dismissal was not prompted by any payments, promises, or other consideration” from the school.

“The University’s administration and Board of Trustees are pleased that Falwell has dropped his lawsuit and look forward to pressing onward with the work of Liberty’s President and Chancellor Search Committee to find the new leadership to succeed Falwell,” the statement said.

Falwell stepped down as president and chancellor of Liberty, the evangelical school his father founded, in August.
His departure came after Giancarlo Granda, a younger business partner of the Falwell family, said he had a yearslong sexual relationship with Falwell’s wife, Becki Falwell, and that Jerry Falwell participated in some of the liaisons as a voyeur. :D:D

Although the Falwells have acknowledged that Granda and Becki Falwell had an affair, Jerry Falwell has denied any participation.
Falwell Jr. says that his wife’s affair and the strain of keeping it secret has contributed to his depression.
The couple alleges that Granda sought to extort them by threatening to reveal the relationship unless he was paid substantial amounts of money.

In his complaint filed in late October, Falwell claimed that Liberty officials accepted Granda’s claims too easily and “moved quickly” to destroy his reputation. The lawsuit also included claims of breach of contract.

Shortly after Falwell’s departure, Liberty announced it was opening an independent investigation into his tenure as president, a wide-ranging inquiry that would look into financial, real estate and legal matters.

[SIZE=7]The Undoing of Jeffrey Toobin[/SIZE]
How a leading man of legal journalism lost his sweetest gig.

By Katherine Rosman and Jacob Bernstein
[li]Dec. 15, 2020[/li][/ul]
Until Jeffrey Toobin’s fateful appointment with Zoom on Oct. 15, his quarantine was going better than most people’s.
In August, his eighth book, “True Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Investigation of Donald Trump,” about Robert Mueller’s inquiry into election meddling, was published, getting positive reviews and a brief berth on the New York Times best-seller list. His third, about the Monica Lewinsky scandal, is being filmed by Ryan Murphy for a limited series on FX.

And over on HBO, he was about to appear as himself on the whodunit “The Undoing,” delivering commentary on the murder trial that shapes the story’s arc.

Mr. Toobin and his wife, Amy McIntosh, at a Netflix premiere in 2017.Credit…

Then in a matter of minutes, Mr. Toobin, 60, committed the act that would make him subject, not observer, of scandal, investigation and commentary. While working on a podcast about the presidential election for WNYC and The New Yorker with some of the magazine’s other well-known journalists, including Jane Mayer and Masha Gessen, he was seen lowering and raising his computer camera, exposing and touching his penis, and motioning an air kiss to someone other than his colleagues, Mx. Gessen said. :D:D:D

The magazine suspended Mr. Toobin that day and executives began an investigation.

“It wasn’t a full-out sexual act, but it was much more than a second,” Mx. Gessen said. “I was really, truly shocked.”

Four days later, Vice broke the news about the incident. New York Public Radio, the parent organization of WNYC, which in 2017 fired the broadcasters Leonard Lopate and Jonathan Schwartz after accusations of inappropriate behavior, informed employees and board members in an email that Mr. Toobin, a frequent contributor, was banned “indefinitely” from its airwaves and podcasts.

By the time this issue was published, Mr. Toobin’s contract with the magazine had been canceled, and he had requested a leave of absence from CNN, where he is chief legal analyst, and had sometimes appeared multiple times a day. When the episode of “The Undoing” that featured him aired in late November, his image had been edited out, leaving just the audio of his fictional commentary.

His once widely heard public voice was silent throughout the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and during the election. He also declined to comment for this article.

https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/15/style/jeffrey-toobin-zoom.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage


[I]Although I have been divorced from my ex for eight years, we still live together. There is not – nor will there ever be – more than a platonic relationship between us, and I have made that abundantly clear to him.

It wasn’t always a bad situation, but now it’s worse than I could have ever imagined it would be. He drinks heavily on a daily basis and becomes verbally abusive. He has a woman over a lot, and I can’t sleep when she’s here.

She’s a drunk, too, and she also abuses her prescription medications. At least half the time when she’s here, I have to lift her passed-out body off the floor and drag her off to his bedroom. She steals money, cigarettes, food and booze all the time.

He dismisses me when I bring up her behavior. He tells me to shut up or get out. I pay for everything except the rent and homeowner’s insurance. Cable, electric, oil, propane and groceries are my responsibility. I also do all the inside and outside chores. I earn less than he does, but I pay more than he does.

He tells me what to eat and who I can talk to. I can’t have company. Yet he wants to know why I’m not dating. I can’t save any money so I can get out. I’m stuck, and he knows it. What do I do? [/I]-- HORRIBLE SITUATION IN MAINE