We Don't Have A GOVERNMENT & We Don't Have A Country. We NEED A Civilan Coup



Nabii Nabwera MP Lugari jamaa rohoo safi sana

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Hapa alitoa speech moja safsana.

My fellow polygamist.

You will cry for this thief to die but God will not hear you. You had all the evidence that the man is a malicious and thieving scoundrel but you still went ahead and gave him the country. Now let the country get raped properly.

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Overthrow this illegitimate govt

Kuliskikana kukisemekana ati Kenyans are as divided (tribal lines) as the thieving political class/elites would ever wish them to be.

Said thieving political class doesn’t need to work hard to create new divisions…existing divisions are sufficiently entrenched and just needs kidogo fanning to get political/tribal
violence every now and then as may be needed

This is daylight robbery and something will have to give soon enough