We Don't Have A Country!!!!

Police in Nakuru have arrested a man who has been masquerading as a magistrate. Man even had his own court and arresting “officers” who brought cases to him and always released them on “bail”



Wakisii watatuonyesha mambo

Wakisii wako na vituko jameni

This is a dangerous trend. We will soon have full fledged fake hospitals, schools, police stations and many more bandia institutions.

we already had a case of fake surgion

That must be bro to @Eng’iti .A very cursed lot.Sio uchawi,sio fraud,sio wizi,sio wivu na kijicho,sio nepotism

We’ve already had these. hospitals- kama ile ya mugo wa wairimu, schools those we hear every year didn’t register kids for KCPE, etc

si kuna ule mkisii aliunda phantom secondary school in kakamega na aka register with the ministry and TSC and was getting funds from the govt for over 10 years :D:D:D:D:D

The other day it was some fake surgeon in some Kalenjin region

It’s a cartel ,hakutoa lunch kidogo as agreed in the terms and conditions so he will be arrested, prosecuted and jailed

kuna ule pilot pia alikuwa ame endesh ndege for 10 years after completing class 8


So much ill has happened since PEV, through UhuRuto, upto now.

That’s what we get when we allow corruption to thrive. I suggest you too to talk advantage of the corruption in Kenya to make millions.