We do not need BBI...Uhuru


Awache kuvuruta ile kitu


Bure kabisa hii mtu.

mbona i dont get uhuru, 1st, he was campaigning for it with baba, and now becuase it has been turned down by top judges, anaikataa yeye na baba.

sasa hio mapesa yote waliopoteza, will it be coming back or forget it.

Yes it should be legalised. but not for everybody

:D:D:D anaitwa kinyara…

Can’t you see it’s an old video? His current military man is from the navy

Time has a way of revealing our true nature, strength and weaknesses. That pain you hate most might be the same pain you enjoy inflicting on others, that why I hate revolutions because most opposition leaders fight to get those seats not to change status quo. We can never know how you will react to a certain situation till you experience it, the same person doing the exact opposite of what he stated earlier.

Hiyo sahau. Goldenberg cash was never returned. Sembuse hii