We Deliberately Created Black On Black Crime


[SIZE=5]We Deliberately Created Black On Black Crime[/SIZE]

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Generally, Africans are not very interested in this kind of information, most are more comfortable with the European version of African history.

if youve lived in bidenstan ama boristan for quite sometime youll realise that your fellow african is more likely to shortchange or shoot in the leg just to get ahead. no wonder this black on black crime, africans in majuu are a bunch of sellouts hata hawa kenyans wako diaspora.

leta hekaya.

is it more of how European present content ?

Same case to Africans working for companies owned by foreigners in Africa. Most compete to outdo one another in a bid to impress the boss.

Makena leta opinion yako

Yeah we blacks know this, the white faka hates black nigga man. yet black is gold

Its not about content presentation, its about Africans being conditioned to believe what muzungu says much much more then what is actually true.

listened to part of the video. the subject is a former south african defense force soldier during the run up to black majority rule. the video has been hijacked by a loud female calling the situation in south african at that time colonialism and that is ujinga. colonialism in south africa ended early in the 20th century and for the better part of the first half a very complicated union of british and dutch and germanic europeans rule the country. in 1948 it became a republic but with minority white rule, not a colony. What most missed is the mention of Recce a special unit of the south african army. the operation by this unit is a simple counter insurgency tactic. the recce are equivalent to british SAS, american Delta, israeli sayeret matkal and Kenya’s GSU recce! some of them use or have used the maroon beret as a sign of common doctrinal ancestry - do you see a connection? these forces are premier counterinsurgency units in the respective countries and regularly train each other and share alot. they are the claws of the civil intelligence units of their respective countries. the in the case of south africa, recce worked with the south african special branch to disrupt african preparedness for majority rule. in kenya recce works with nis to disrupt shabab and sabaot insurgencies. its not colonialism, its just how special forces do their job, regardless of place and time.

Achana hata hivyo, Kenyans/Blacks who work in Western countries Embassies, Companies and Organizations locally are the worst gatekeepers ever. They are readily available to throw you under the bus to please their white massa. Sad reality of things.

Africans should learn to take responsibility for the destiny. Kama omusungu ameleta black on black crime that says a lot about bleks than omusungu. Why is every scam known to humanity first tested and perfected on bonobos?

maghassia sana hizo meetup sikua naenda bunch of pussy niggas…i just made money my focus and worked better with aazungus than Africans. ile tribalism na kuchimbiana iko majuu utashangaa…


Whatver the theory blacks should just stop finding someone to blame and start doing what is right…these guys are irresponsible and lack culture…all they do is self sabotage themselves and start looking for theories to justify their ill doings