We & Cockroaches Are Just Irreverent To The Universe. We Are Like Bacteria In A Petri Dish

You are here hitching a ride on a rock. Everything you will ever own is on this rock.


Now imagine that since your great great greatest grandfather was born there is light from a star located on the opposite side of the galaxy whose light is yet to arrive on earth. As we speak that light is travelling at 300,000 KM/s.


Now again imagine that there are another trillion galaxies big and small

Existential crisis?

The biggest galaxy is not milkyway

Ilikua zikue wapi tena mkuu?

Upus if you have no proof then, it doesn’t exist

You are inside a black hole

Some of the stars we see now are just an illusion … its just that their light is reaching us now, but some could be long dead … went dark millons of years ago. Lakini bonobo itasema aje man … na ndio ile naona live live na macho yangu mbili. Ghasiia unaona kitu hakuna …

Ata io universe ni irrelevant kwangu

Na bado mnaibana carbon na hydrogen masses you call cows and kill each other while hitching a ride on that rock

Earth is flat under a dome. Hakuna space wala galaxies.

Yeah … why not. Makes the ride more fun.

Diploma holder thinks he has discovered nihilism :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Degree muhimu sana