we cant even build OOOONNNEEE TERMINAL.just OOONEEE


hio daxing ni noma.

Instabul airport is awesome. Dubai also plans to expand their passenger traffic. Due to lots of bureaucracy, UK is unable to expand Heathrow. the same bureaucracy us plaguing it’s former colony Kenya.

Heathrow Terminal 5 is brand new mblo…

Built in 2004, is that new? they are trying t o build a third runaway.

Kenya is the land where the plans sit gathering dust in government offices.

Kenya was poised to capture all flights in Africa. And we have ceded control to Bole.

Have you been to Luton,Gatwick recently…uliza @Ka-Buda

Not Kenya but Kenya Airways.
I can bet nearly 90% of flights through Bole are by Ethiopian Airlines.

England built their first steam engine in the 1800s - and they had to invent stuff… I don’t know what our Engineering students learn in Kenyan universities!!