We be happening

@Mathice meet me at Sarit so I can beat you with the shoe I’ll take off @Gaza once I’m done with him at The Mall.

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Started drinking at Samba way way back, I like their choice of Music.

Your weekend is taken care of bra.

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seriously ilikuwa joke?

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Galleria, Junction, Sarit, all in quick succession. What’s it with you and malls and do you have a chopper?

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Yes. Kwani mimi ni CEO?


(S)he wants to visit all malls in one weekend before they become dead malls


LOL! From the trend I’ve seen with ya’ll, those are the preferred fighting locations.

But I’ll be the barefoot guy …

Thanks Purr.

He he, not all fights end up in malls. Kuna ingine ya junkie, was to happen at Tribeca but he opted for a dick measuring contest at the last minute.

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:D:D:D:D:D I think you’re right. There was another that was supposed to go down at Langata Cemetery.

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boss pesa za socialites ulikula na nani

Hii ni dalili ya msee kupigwa randa na life and he is subconsciously exploring the last option left; shamba ushago. there’s an old sonh my dad used to listen to that went, “Ndereba Ndûng’û wa ngari cia Limuru ûtigîrîre nî ndoona maitû Njeeri” yaani jama amepigwa randa anarudi home so anashow dere wa mat za Limuru amake sure amefika home kwa masa yake Njeri. Come Buru Latitude everything on me hata chips funga nitalipia; you have to leave the city in style


Latitude kule Idiot shot a lawyer? Siwezi kuja hiyo pande

Idiot was actually the owner and shot his wife at home, but you can be shot anywhere.

don’t ask. some people are complex that way…

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Hapo kweli. Hata hivyo, I once went there and after 1 beer I was super high. It seems someone aliweka gorogoro moja ya mwea pishori in my drink.



Niko sabina joy enjoying