We are still friends says Nick Ndenda

Still friends like Mutua and Lillian? Ama friends with benefits? X means no go zone. Delete. Block. Hata salamu ya Mungu hakuna coz a friend would never treat a friend how Nick treated Betty. But why not try wazungu, huyu Nick was one ugly chimp and here he is talking about we are still friends. Friendship pelekea mamako ama Bibi yako. I am not your friend. Mutua proved that hakuna urafiki kwa u exe. Exes are toxic and keep dragging you to a past you decided to move on from.

:D:D:D:D Jesus said we should love our enemies . I occasionally deenyer my X . Kutomba X ni abracadabra unless ni toxic biach like you Truman .wewe ukiwa my X nakugonga na gari coz u can make someone’s life a living hell

Relationships are difficult. Watu hawawachanani boom unless necessary. Sometimes you are each others comforter. After all, they could have parted ways amicably, and not necessarily a nasty breakup. Na saa zingine, people started out as friends. Relationship ended but not necessarily friendship. Its not always just about siex.

I disagree.

These two are birds of a feather. No victims here.

The most viable arrangement between Nick and Betty would have been an open relationship. They both cannot commit to an exclusive arrangement.

Of course relationships are difficult that’s why 50% of marriages end in divorce, it can’t be easy if failure rates are this high and that’s why yes but these thing of we are going to remain friends or we are still friends which is now becoming a buzzword whenever celeb couples break up or divorce like Meaghan Good and Samoa, is a form of denial. Your exe is part of the reason you need comfort, how again will the source of your problem be the solution? If you need comforting go to a therapist and pray and talk to people who love you and are your support system , you will find true comfort there.

I’ve never understood even my own exes want to be friends bcz sometimes I even doubt we were ever friends so I couldn’t say remain friends.You think I didn’t know what I was doing when I was ending the relationship that now I want to continue having a pseudo relationship with you? Next thing you know it’s now a ‘friends’ with benefits relationship. I put the friends in quotes is because there’s no friendship only usery in FWB arrangement because it’s not even a relationship it’s a pseudo ‘relationship’ aka an arrangement. Then you find yourself in a protracted no strings attached sexual exploitation even into your marriage. How many of your wives are sleeping with their exes bcz of this ‘friendship’ business? I know very many married women doing this. I can’t imagine that if I struggle to have a meaningful and satisfying conversation with an exe I bump into by accident, how would I be able to be ‘friends’ with them, be it pseudo platonic ‘friends’ or FWBs with an exe. So toxic. Hakuna cha friendship with exes. An exe is an exe as we have seen clearly from Mutua Lillian situation. They get jealous. They harbor resentment. Who needs friends like those?

Open relationship means what? No exclusivity? FWBs? I agree they are both divorced for stepping out on their spouses so they are birds of a feather. Btw I’ve noticed this trend in American celeb couples, you are married but you decide to make it open so you can date and sleep with other people, what if you get them pg or you get pg? What happens to the marriage then? Wasn’t the whole point of getting married to be exclusive? I don’t understand but it’s becoming a trend. Like Will and Jada and even Christians like the curry family.

Toxic biach ni mamako. Mimi I’m the one who wants nothing to do with my exes. If I was toxic Sijui mbona saa ingine hata najuaa
tuko same place najificha na ananifuata. Na unajua hapa I can’t date coz you are the true meaning of toxic. Poster child. Ati unatomba exe why are you recycling? Watu wameisha duniani ndio unarudia matapiko? And I am the one who toxic? How do I make your life hell if I am your exe? Is that possible unless you are a psycho like you who wants to hit your exes with a car? Unadinya wengine, wengine unataka kuwagonga na Gari, what happened to leaving your exes alone?

“We will stay friends” is PR talk, so to poesha flames on social media.

It is all very simple …
Someone becomes “EX” for a reason …

One NEVER sucks up their vomit … :D:D:D

Eerm, because they are dead!

Whenever you slip into denial that this is not your friend remind yourself of the reason why they became an exe. Coz in the photos yall were really looking like friends. I dunno why the relationship had to end if yall were such ‘friends’ it’s being in denial.