We Are Still A Colony. Of HomeGuards' Descendants (Parasitic Dynasties)

Yesterday I watched a Short History of Kenya’s Independence Struggle and the few remaining Freedom fighters alive today are the poorest of the poor. They will only have a party during their funerals when big Guzzlers owned by descendants of the home guards show up. Why can’t the gov setup a fund for them and build those old granpas decent houses for them to enjoy the few years left in their lives.


Sometimes you really ask damn questions. For a man who usually sees logs in fellow peoples eyes you sure don’t see yours
Everyday its the same script, different heading same finish. Why don’t you change your narrative and tell us what you can do for your country.

@patco njoo hapa…

Bantu’s have the blood of slaves flowing in them. Uhuru is held hostage by parasitic capitalists, who care only about their profits

Vile Sergeant amesema

nani? tusizoeane wewe

:D:D bantus tena?!

By 2022 utakuwa za, “those filthy Kikuyus”… hautakuwa unaficha.

And on the topic of slaves have you forgotten that the Nilotic kalenjins were slaves to Moi for 24 years. What did Moi do for the Kalenjin freedom fighters any way?

I don’t see much in his home ground Baringo.

Kalenjins were in the army and police, and port, moi protected our lands. kalenjins who are squatters have over 10 acres of forest land,

My friend I gave you statistics on the poverty levels in Elgeyo Marakwet and Baringo counties the other day and asked you to compare them with those in Nyeri and Kiambu. Stop posting nonsense.

What was the Kalenjin population back then versus the number of slots in the army and police force accorded to the Kalenjin folks?

Let’s not forget that every cop in Kenya has a Kalenjin accent when they are looking for bribes so sio ati wote ni Kalenjin.

And these jobs you speak of are among the lowest paid jobs in the land. They were more or less Moi’s watchmen to do his bidding and many of them passed on desperately broke after a lifetime of breaking protesters limbs and spines.

And every institution where a Kalenjin(s) is often posted is brought down by corruption.