We are occupants in a small planet from a small galaxy lakini zile vituko tumefanya in a few years zitafanya aliens waogope

Us human beings have been around for just a few thousand years in this small planet orbiting a small star in a small galaxy but the things we have been doing can make some aliens from outer space fear us. Waganu mutheri. We have dared to do anything we could ever do. Our only limitation is that we can’t travel through the galaxies. We can’t even travel through our solar system. Even the moon landing hoax has been debunked.Otherwise najua kuna msee angesema leo naenda in a galaxy 13 billion light years away nikakule lanye juu ile nilikula Andromeda galaxy haikubamba.


@cortedivoire angekuwa akishinda akiuliza what is 150 kenya shillings in andromedanese kabla aingie kwa space shuttle yake after kubuy military grade condoms za kuenda kutomba aliens wako na pussy tatu.


They could be watching us and laughing :grin:


Quite true. That boy is something else


With glee

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An interesting story

In August 1945 , Two Atomic Weapons were detonated in Hiroshima and Nagasaki…

Between 1950-1954 , there were frequent sightings of UFO’s ( especially in the US ) …

5-8 Light Years is approximately the distance to some of our neighborhood Galaxies

Could it be that “someone” out there saw those ominous flashes and Mushroom Radiation Clouds and decided to come and see what was going on …??? :rofl::joy::rofl:


Maybe that was it. We need to make Israel to drop a nuclear bomb on Lebanon

The bible is very clear God created us and animals , the stars are for shining at us tukiprocreate , how can you be sure that the galaxies exist ? I can’t believe the homosexuals education system bana

But those were not the only bombs that were detonated.
Several trials were done years before and after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

venye tunachukiana… what do you think will happen tukipatana na aliens? they will destroy us or we will destroy them. its best it never happens

After … Yes

But by then , the smart Aliens had determined that we were no danger to them and our Nuclear Technology was still in it’s infancy …

It still is

  • Cold Fusion still eludes us.
  • Faster than Light Travel is still Centuries away.:joy::rofl:

Kikuyu-Chinese man this one

They are smart enough to stay away from our primitive species…

The fact they are so advanced means they are mature and well established civilizations…

Would you want to go to the Congo Forest and live with Gorillas … :rofl::joy:

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Hii post Yako itafanya @cortedivoire anyonji, pussy tatu tena za aliens!!!

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…and you’re comments are in English. Motiso comment in your first language uone kama watu watakuelewa huku…

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Bottom Line …

Logic …

If earth like conditions exist on millions of planets in the Cosmos , it stands to reason that all manner of civilizations , more or less advanced than our own , exist out here …

If they are more advanced , they have no need to bother with us …
If they are equal or behind us , they don’t have the capacity to interfere with us …

So …
What you saw in the Movie “Independence Day” is pure Sci-fi Fiction:blush: