We are marching over to Jerusalem

One day brother sister we are actually going to walk on the streets of Jerusalem. O, that beautiful city which John saw in Revelation 21:2: “I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.” This is no myth! One day the saints will actually trample the earth and in its place will be the streets of New Jerusalem. By faith I will be there.

The memories of this world will not be a distant memory, no, God will blot them all out. Every pain, sickness you felt on earth will be gone forever.


The year was 1996 April at the Akamba bus station. Brethren from Kampala, Uganda were traveling back home after one week of revival Easter meetings celebrating 50 year Jubilee with mighty visitation from the Lord. We did not want to say our goodbyes given the awesome time we had enjoyed together so our goodbyes were slow and drawn out. Suddenly this song “We Are Marching Over to Jerusalem” broke out and we sang for a solid 7 hours non-stop, from 4pm to almost midnight. Two dozen souls gave their lives to God and were baptized the following Sunday.

Whatever you do make sure you do not miss this place brother sister. Whatever sacrifice it takes will be worth it. Take every sin no matter what— lust, bitterness, immorality, sloth, greed and lay it at the altar of our Lord Jesus who is faithful to forgive.