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Oh hell nah man wtf

Putin said he understands that nato is far more powerful than russia but he is willing to play dirty and nuke someone.
I think westerners are planning to overthrow him and he is becoming desperate. A russia-western Europe war would really stink. Weak economies would outright collapse and we would be drawn into war with likes of charcoal black fake arab neighbours. We would be in new territory because we are not even used to rebuilding after a war.

It is election year. Midterm in the US, Macron in France, president vacancy in Italy…It is just politics nothing much… They leaders are playing the peasants to let them know they are working. This will cool down after sometime.

If there’s a reasonable chance of war, how come neither nation has performed nuclear safety contingency plans? That is, get their citizens prepare for adverse actions, like they did in the world wars. I mean, a Hurricane approaching the Coast of Miami puts a red alert and evacuations in the state of Florida. Don’t you think the threat of a barrage of nuclear heads warrant the same caution?

Shaktar donetsk team yangu

Na si wapigane.