We are heading to disaster 2022

With Uhuru fervently trying to manage succession as compared to his predecessors like Moi Kibaki who didn’t put that much energy it means we are in the wrong trajection.
The deputy president on the other hand is so determined to get power and the president on the other hand is so determined to stop him with the help of the opposition candidate.
This country might go to dogs 2022 with these kind of politics because the current president has so much interest in it and has shown he is willing to even interfere with elections to achieve his interest.
Let’s all hope and pray for the best.

Uhuru has become an Ojinga. The good thing is that Ruto is not interested in burning the Country, very much unlike Odinga the People’s Tin-god

The president knows what is at stake if they thug makes it

I doubt if uhunye would want to leave and watch as the country burns. Who wants to retire and live in chaos?

It means there’s something beyond usual that sugoi thief has that has never been seen in other contestants. Mans ochestrated mass murder of our kins, killed witnesses to subvert justice, stole Billions and dished to peasants, stole both govt and private land…mbloh, tutingīhota. Uhuru finish this man before you finish your term.

There will be no violence in 2022 because uhuru candidate is Gideon who will have a very disappointing run.

They’re all thugs, only Ruto doesn’t hide it. It’s like choosing between oranges and tangerines.

Mbloh, hataachiwa. Either he wont be on the ballot or will be railad. Tutakuwa papa hapa


Ingekua Ojinga Saizi Kibera would be burning

All the three top thieves should retire from politics immediately. Only then will the country move forward.

Hakuna vita itafanyika

Wewe. Umesikia vile kina Sudi wanaongeanga bana?

Sudi and Raila are the same mouth.

Siasa mbaya maisha mbaya. 2022 i will be in Australia chewing pokos

biashara itakua chni sana yet we have not even recovered from covid and the last elections