we are done

kenya is beyond redemption. we sold our country for a few coins. northern rangeland trust has all the land. we either cooperate and accept the Bechtel road or kenya goes the south Sudan way. ujinga yetu we don’t think. we are very occupied with 2022 we forget to plan. planning for next 100 years for the country. bora uhai

The biggest mistake people made is vote for Uhuru Kenyatta.

Nini hii ,educate me please. Googling gives me lots of deep ends

NRT imenilisha Nyama ya bure kila wiki miaka mbili straight! Kumbe wanajua pa kunishikia. AiSuru pia imekam na extras kadhaa za Boran Yerow yerrows that have kept me alive here in the woods.


Ooh thanks

Apologies, I gave up watching news kitambo kiasi… Who owns this Northern Rangeland Trust?