We are dark forces..

Those of us opposed to this BBI chiet are being called so

:D:D:DHahahaha who would have thought in 2017 that kina mwisi ruto and Co. Would be on the fence shouting at raila and Uhuru in the dinig room high table:D:D:D:eek:
These must be the interesting times we were being prophesied about by a certain talker…
Anyway, accept and move on. Opposition is always a noble job

Who will be in the opposition? I am just an ordinary Kenyan citizen who neither gains or loses but is affected by both good and poor policies of any govt that takes over in Kenya. Including the useless dynastic agenda of BBI

Hata NTV wameweka quotes. Baba needs to gerrarahia with that shit.

Not will be but who is now in the opposition.

Nobody. Ruto is the deputy president of Kenya