We Are ALL The Same Age. Adam, Eve, Dinosaurs, Mt. Kilimanjaro Everything, We Are Peers. WE ARE MADE OF MATTER

Hakuna mzee kuliko ule mwingine. You are made on Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen and many others in the same periodic table as T-Rex or Abraham if ever existed.

We all came from star dust billions of years ago in massive Supernovas and a time is coming when the entire earth, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto , the Sun itself will collapse and fry all its planets and be recycled again.

Right now you might have drunk tea made from milk gotten from a cow that ate some grass that was nourished by your great grandfathers nitrogen atoms. Your time will also come when you shall nourish trees.

Obviously, we are breathing old air mixed with Tutanhkamun’s atom particles from his farts :D,but wacha tuskie ya “ni ya mungu” vile watasema kwanza

Truth always sets people free. Religion & superstitions is bondage.

You are now liberated. Such thoughts can’t come from a narrow mind that thinks that the sun and the moon are the largest objects out there

A narrow mind doesn’t even comprehend how huge the sun is.

Some are taught that the sun is a huge star around which our planet revolves. But they can’t fathom the grand sizes of galaxies, inter-galactic distances, ever expanding universe etc

Mbuta I feel like you woke one day and you were suddenly intelligent. What did you eat my ninja??

Biological vs physical age. Why am I not surprised ndindu bonobo can’t see the difference?

Is this a compliment or sarcasm?

I trust you can see through it.

There are no stars, moon is a reflection of greater earth and modern humans/Sapiens is only 200-300 years old…tafakari hayo.

You are one funny cuckoo

The sun is only 5000km big and 5000km away from earth :D:D Earth is big very big 4b miles. Najua hakuna wa kuamini haya but try researching.

Seek and you shall find and when you find you’ll be troubled and then amazed.