Wazungus coming to Kenya doesn't make Kenya a good place to live

Any time there is a conversation about migrating abroad, people say, “why are you looking to go abroad when wazungus are coming here?”

This is pure fallacy. Most wazungus are not here to settle. They are usually just passing by out of curiosity, usually on temporary assignments. But they will always retain their citizenship in their country of origin and run back if things get bad here. Even the children of colonialists always make sure to get their British citizenship to go and study abroad. The only wazungus who come to Kenya to stay are criminals who are running from the law in their country.

Ukipata opportunity ya kuenda majuu don’t think twice


We sometimes attfact the scum from their country but think the jungus are reach investors.

Since banyaste got passport to Reich empire , he usually jumps from one senile sugarmummy to the other , life here is sweet at Kenya . Kuna vienyeji , nyama choma , no racism. You can be a king surrounded by workers here as long as you make the right decisions . Last time I was at Britain cold almost killed me . Pharmacy and snow hapana mix well