Wazito wa Meru


Wanakaa akili punguani hivi hivi, especially the two guys on the right.

Wacha kutukana wazee bana

A bunch of thugs

The guy far right was my high School principal:D

Yaani hii jibaba ina mwagilia mti maji kuki nyesha

Looks like the pic was taken on a super chilly day.

Kiraitu had a bright future but wasted himself with politics. He is not known for anything meaningful other than a Range Rover he bought at 38 million, today it goes for 1.35 million on olx, negotiable.

He owns a helicopter

It wasn’t his money he used.

he used your money and mine to buy that chopper & range rover

He hé hé…
Hii ni hate speech

Its only the lady who looks sane. Like she went visiting the sanatorium and posed for a pic with the residents…


:D:D:D:D:D Ikr, she probably took a wrong turn to the psychiatric unit…

A very powerful peasant proverb.

Who ever dresses our leaders jameni. Hizi suit zote hukaa za tuskys,alafu cendro yote hupenda suti checked kama kabuti with shoulder moja kubwa