Wazir Chacha, the man who leaked bedroom photos with Former Bomet Woman Rep impersonates Rachel Ruto's lawyer

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Waziri Benson Masubo has found himself in the long arm of the law after he was charged with falsely presenting himself as the Legal officer of Kenya’s First Lady Mama Rachel Ruto.

It is alleged that Masubo on March 21 this year at Riruta in Nairobi, falsely presented himself to be a person in public service namely a legal officer attached to the office of Her Excellency the First Lady.

He used that ‘false position’ to instruct the Regional Criminal Investigation Officer Nairobi Peter Njeru Nthiga to make some arrests.

According to the charge sheet, Masibo reported to Nthiga that he is a legal officer attached to Racheal Ruto’s office.

He told Nthiga that there was a motor vehicle trailing him to harm him.

This prompted Nthiga to dispatch a team of officers to commence investigations.

But in the course of the investigations, they were able to establish that the vehicle was not trailing him.

The charge sheet indicates that the vehicle belonged to one Patrick Kahuhua, a former husband to his girlfriend.

Masibo allegedly wanted to use police officers to intimidate and harass Kahuhua for personal scores.

The accused who appeared before Chief Magistrate Lucas Onyina denied the charges.

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