Wazee wa kijiji who remembers this? Good old days

Kipindi cha Tahamaki…


Wapita watu wawili waloleta uramali Sasa tuko mbali mbali.






Memories of the analogue days. Those were the days of Greatwall tv. A Sony colour tv was a thing.

My uncle had a sony 29 inch colour Tv alileta from Switzerland in 1992. Angesimama MP hiyo area angepita haraka sana juu ya sifa ya hiyo TV.

Wah! That program was addictive tulikua tunaingojea like nobody’s business. Ikianza hata nyumba ikichomeka you won’t realize. It will keep you glued to the last second.

They say only a fool wonders why the old days were better than the new, but it was a great era minus the volatile politics

Watching TV used to be a joint family event. From the biggest to the smallest GLUED. Who remembers Chris Kubasu?

I remember the name vaguely. Was it Chris or Fred? Can’t remember who he is though


I had a 14" Sony trinitron which I believe had a better picture than my current LG smart TV

They were good gadgets. A family friend still keeps one as a museum piece to remind him of what he owned as a fresh graduate

He was like Jeff Koinange of the Moi Era.


Those days vitu zilikua original. You buy some thing it will live longer than you. Still have LP players belonging to my folks. Kuna jamaa ako Kenyatta market sells LPs

Hadija Ali was a great voice. I remember her voice mostly on radio in the morning as I bolted out to head to school

There is a time I was looking for one to digitize old music for a client. Will check it out

Wow. People still listen to this. I have kina Mbaraka Mwinshehe in audio, and really treasure them. The instrumentation of the old music was superb, and to think they created the music manually from scratch–no computerized keyboard systems to help them string beats together, no advanced sound processors), no compressors, etc. They did it with guitars (not the electric type), drums, cymbals, sax, trumpets, and the occasional keyboard. Their talent and how they used it was simply amazing.