Wayward Pines Series

I’m a big fan of sci-fi and mind control series and movies since I was young. This particular series is my kind of thing. others include x-files,fringe and such. would like more recomendations of this type of series.

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Liked it too. Try under the dome.

Watched it a while back. it was a good one. thanks for your contribution. any others?

Dr who
warehouse 13
A bit old but nilipenda hizo but heroes and fringe are my all time favorite sci-Fi series

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Stranger things

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12 Monkeys?

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Wayward pines Is more mystery than sci-fi. .for mystery you can try secret and lies. , riverdale ,12 monkeys

For sci-fi you can try American God’s that’s what I’m watching a bit scary but nice. .Also sense 8 if you haven’t watched it yet

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collection ya hangover Saturdays imepatikana. Asandeni sana.

Does Gotham fall in this category? Though personally i didn’t like it

Persons unknown but the show was cancelled after season one

Lost room mini series

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Gotham si Scifi

Under The Dome turned into shit after season one. how did it end?

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Guys started getting out of the dome. The mystery solved some how. Liked the suspense

They stretched it too much and lost the plot

What about Westworld? Though it needs some patience in order to get the story…Nliona hyo series hadi kufika episode 8 ndo nkaanza kushikanisha what was going on
:D:D The whole time I was like TF is going on here :confused::confused::eek:

orphan Black is the best science fiction currently on TV with the best actress too. Cosima is my crush

:D:D:D Unasafisha mecho na Cosima

hehehe napenda dem kama yeye, I don’t mind her smoking weed next to me while I code tukihave some intelligent discussions.

Sarah naye we can do all the wild things juu ako outgoing

the kind of adventures we can have with Helena, wacha tu, we can get arrested in the process

yule bibi wa Dony naye huwa boring, sipendi madem kama hao

MK, sitaki compe kwa keja

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Check out black mirror and Westworld if you haven’t already