WAYS OF ALPHA MEN-Collins Wanderi

Yes, it is not easy being a man in Kenya, but wanaume, life is not a competition. Live your own life. Run your own race, at your own speed. Epuka peer influence na uwache pressure. Focus on yourself, personal success & good health. What other people are doing; who eats who; which club is winning what; what politicians said or did is NONE of your BUSINESS unless you’re on a payroll. Let those who want to show off do. Wealth is silent, little money is noisy. Notes are silent, coins are noisy. Women love good life, at men’s cost, so stop looking for love, look for money & economic power, and women will surely start looking for you. That’s the way it works. Trust me, I am older and wiser, I know what it takes and costs to roll out with the fairest girl in a pack. We kiss them, but we don’t tell. Keeping silent and remaining mysterious is #TheWayOfMen!!

Well said big brother @Jini

I have screenshot this post. I have printed it. I have laminated. And now Ibhave hanged it on every single wall of my dwelling.