Watu ya lg tv saidieni

Am planning to buy a 43" Lg TV for my bedroom ,gaming only.There are 1080 fhd and 4k available on the market.My viewing distance is about 7ft,the fhd is cheaper like about sh 8k more than the 4k counterpart.Will i notice the difference in terms of resolution considering am not sitting close to the TV.Ni save hio 8k ama 4K tv is worth it.

@Soprano njoo

@Nyamgondho wuod ombare the floor is yours mkumbwa…

There are many questions that you need to answer before even considering the TV. I have a few for you.

  1. Does your PC/Console support 4K gaming?
  2. Are you going to game over the internet or just local stuff?
  3. Which games are you going to play most of the times?
  4. Are you planning on upgrading your gaming setup any time soon?

Answer these few questions before we start talking about the TV.

Get the 4k one, Better have it and not use it than need it and not have it. All your game consoles will soon shift to 4k