Tangatanga can’t catch a break, kieleweke & BABA’s people are having a field day .
Is this a sign of what cambridge analytica did in kenya 2017 elections will look like child’s play in 2022?
Coz clearly propaganda imeanza


“It is evident, even to a neutral observer, that the bigger scheme is to prevent an ‘outsider,’ some unknown name, from assuming the presidency in its current configuration. The objective is to have someone who can be trusted to protect the ‘old order.’”- Githeriman

It was said that if I share a video clip, if I tell someone else “come, watch this!”, I will be inadvertently participating actively in spreading the message contained in the clip. So hapa umechangia uchokozi huo kwa kiasi fulani!

Kieleweke goons are the ones who maliciously started the wheelbarrow narrative to taint tangatanga , but rutode hijacked the narrative and capitalized on it

The only thing I enjoyed in that clip is the sweet sweet voice of Celine Dion in ze background.

Ruto rides on anything thrown his way, even the Tanga Tanga tag came from the president himself. Genius

Mdau nimeona unatesa huko kwa wazee.

Not me Mdau.
Fake account.

Hii ni kazi ya Raila jnr, must have been done at his studio.

There will be no facebook to aid in propaganda this time. There is crackdown on misinformation in social media.