Watu wameenda sana

Kutoka pandemic ianze, si corona pekee. Is it just me who has noticed that people are dying in a way never seen before? Young, old, middle aged, siku hizi you talk to someone in two weeks time unaskia ameenda to that unspoken place. what’s not happening. What I’ve learnt from all these is to not fear DEATH since when it comes no one can stop it,

Stay safe

Blame it on 2020 boredom,kila mtu alikua na riba ya mwenzake. People are dying normally nothing new

Affordable data keeps you in the know

Yani before you thought there was some way to stop it , and just recently realized there isn’t ?

2 weeks ago I lost 2 relatives in their 30s pale western…very freakish deaths, nothing to do with covid…Dec I lost a longterm friend kule busia, Cyril…wateso hapa wanamjua. Last week our year mate pale college alituwacha.

Tough year for you elder, my condolences

Prophet Owuor resurrected a dead woman in Pokot. If death scares you, join his church buana he might resurrect you too.

Sisi watu wa mightiest prophets hatuogopi @mikel, buana anakuita come kneel before his mightiest prophets

Last year alone lost 2 cousins , a sibling and two close friends .
Very sad and the neighborhood has alot of young deaths .

Is it hot in Ukambani?

No problems… Mbegu tunaweka ndani ndank wengine wazaliwe

Do you have video evidence to prove this?

It was prophesied that many people will be dying in the end times

Amen and the bad people will be left to suffer with the devil