Watu wameanza uwoga mapema.

@BantuSupremacy I can sense desperation from a far. This guy is just coping because he knows BANTU EXPANSION is inevitable. Kwanza those chinks women would be used to breed the Chinks out of existence. BANTU FEDERATION AND EXPANSION IS INEVITABLE!!! Join the gravy train or get wiped out. It’s that simple. Let’s go Brandon


Akina @Soprano wame catch kweli kweli :


The Chinese are having a population decline because their men are incels.
Even with their colourist af society they still fear our inevitable takeover.
Humanity will be blacked ,mark my words.




True it’s inevitable

Do you know how many black babies Obama aborts every year?

Over 20 million abo.rted blacks since 1973. Black genocide. How can they be blacked with all that ab.ortion going on?

What of drugs and guns? Amekataa kufunga border drugs zisifike Chicago na Detroit.


Black + white = White

What’s with you and american politics?Obama ,republicans mara ku klux?
We we’re having a discussion about the black race as a whole and you decide to bring up Obama?

Aborted in USA sio Africa and Carribbean. Mzungu will not finish us.

but bantus are loosing their culture and indentity on a large scale , are your children even fluent in their vernaculer or english??. losing culture and keeping the skin color isnt expansion. If you’re serious then bantu linguistics ought to be maintream by now and swahili as african language not english/french

Whats with you and Wakanda wokeness?

Plus your equations aren’t adding up :




Juzi tu @Micymas aliweka hadi bei ya Marie stopes. Alisema 25k hapo karibu na Kencom. Na alisema huwa pamejaa kujaa.

@uwesmake @Sambamba na @Coronatities waliitisha phone number na wakapewa.

True ,Kiswahili as a Lingua Franca must be at the forefront of our agenda.

Don’t argue with him.I just realized the more we answer his questions the more he spams this thread with ujinga.

The Chinese one-child policy let to extreme femicide. As a consequence, China is several million women short.

They recently realized hii mambo is affecting them. Now they allow a couple to have 3 kids.

On the other hand, it could be the chinese trying to gain access to the african resources. It is hard to tell if africans will aquire chinese resources but madame huwa wameweka wanaume box. Maybe those girls are highly trained operatives

Let me ask, kila siku tunaambiwa ya kwamba kuna ukosefu wa wanawake wa kuoa huko China, where do these Africans get these Chinese ladies from?

Right there is the reason Chinese men do not like it when their women fall for foreigners - least of all Black Africans.

Different societies have different rules of conduct .In East Asia ,failure is extremely looked down upon so you’d rather play it safe than take risks.
They have a saying that the tallest blade of grass gets cut down first -this is to discourage people from standing out.
What this does is produce a society of cucks who can’t even dare approach women ,a lot of them are scared of rejection.

Meanwhile ,a lot of African cultures produce extroverts and smooth talkers, as a result when you send black men to china
even if the odds and beauty standards are against them ,they still succeed because they’re actually putting themselves out there.

Combine this with the women shortage and you’ll realize how they’re double cucking themselves.

They don’t need to send women ,they can just bribe our leaders.