Watu Walioa Campus

Kuna watu walikatia dem once campus na wakaoana by second year and now they’re married with kids.

Swali hunisumbua ni how do they feel. I don’t mean the one who played the game, wenye walioa na wakakwama kwa ndo. I gueas their whole relationships are modeled on their parents’ relationships and not real life experience.

How does such a person tell 100% they’re happy and not just playing an adult version of the Kindergarten playground imitation game??

Our Vice chancellor at the time married his partner from uni for more than 3 decades someone who was actually a year ahead of him. They seemed happy enough to me. I know a guy we were classmates in high school he married immediately after we finished high school. Like everyone else I kept waiting for the ball to drop and that marriage to end because it was a bunch of kids playing pretend surely. Well its been more than a decade they seem fine, guess he had the last laugh.

It seems talkers here either come from extremely damaged families or have some bizzare personalities unable to comprehend how anyone can be happy in a relationship. You have already judged these people to your own standards claiming they dont have “real life experiences”. A strange assumption to make based on strangers you dont know. All these things are individualistic some will succeed some will fail yet everyone will swear up and down that their way works best.

Kuna soulmates hupatana, a good example ni nameless na wahu

Still didn’t answer my question. I asked how THEY can tell it’s not just a game of pretend gone too far. At what point did they form a mature relationship separate from their infantile model?

[SIZE=5]Pilipili usioila yakuwashia nini?[/SIZE]

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[SIZE=5]Zombie takataka lambwa belly button na mbwa ya jirani,[/SIZE]

Mbona unachukulianga kila kitu personally???

ngombe … its the wearer of the shoe who knows where it hurts and where its comfortable . Ghasier oa kwanza but before you do, don’t measure your standards by using other people’s. Chart your own trajectory . Wewe inakaa you come from a broken home … ole wako na kula kiburi cha baba yako

If that’s so. Is it wrong to ask the shoe owner where it hurts?

[SIZE=5]Maliza hiyo punda ya USIU.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]@Micymas bomolewa rectum na embarambamba chokoch wewe na beshte wako wote saliva ya burukenge.[/SIZE]

It’s true. It’s very true. Mtu anajiita makamasi alitoka kwa familia yenye haina mwelekeo

[SIZE=5]Maliza hiyo spoilt brat ya USIU.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]@Micymas takataka funguliwa boot na @uwesmake utulie.[/SIZE]

I once asked him , what kind of environment he grew in ? I concur with you, ’ we see things as we are, not as they are '.

anything that can sail their boat ndio hao hutumia,hakuna manual

Malisa buttco

I agree. Jamaa anakuanga na issues mob. I won’t be surprised kama he’s the offspring of drug addicts. Ama mamake alikua malaya na akapata ball kazini akamlea na chuki

The average villager is bombarded by pessimistic armchair experts, individualism isn’t common sense around here.

The dangers of social media where negatives are highlighted and the positives ignored. I always hope that no one takes relationship advice seriously here otherwise this forum has all the potential of creating damaged individuals with warped views

:D:DMalisaa iyo humbwer

It’s no different from the garbage being spewed offline by mainstream media.