Watu wakunyonga bishop

Please see this Bible verse

:D:D:D:D:D… We live in the New testament… They accepted… Kunyonga Bishop in the new testament :D:D:D:D

If your god was to kill every wanker,the world would be without men…even male primates:D:D:D:D …and does he know that females have self gratification too ama he chooses to ignore that fact,or doesnt have a clue ?

Hio sii kunyonga bishop. Hio ni pull out game.

Pull out game ya onan iko fire hadi yahweh got pissed

That dude was at another level, na vile kuwithdraw ni hard coomer ikiwa tamu.

Onan aliamua apeane facial bukkake liwe liwalo

Hio maneno ku master ni kuwa na military precision and discipline.


The reason he was killed is because he was supposed to impregnate the brother’s wife. Hio pull out game is an indication that he is not an amateur. This particular time ndio ilimkasirisha Mola.

Why withdraw na hio time hakukua Child support & feminists?

Yaani Mungu hutuangalia tuki wank?

Ata uwe master bado you can get a chick paged

Yep,alafu anatuandika kwa ile list ya wankers but ikifika ni ma dame wanawank…haidhuru hata mimi naeza sahau kuandika nikiangalia dame akinyonga ikus

Onan was not punished for spilling the seed, but for disobeying God’s orders. For example, Jonah was punished for refusing to go to Nineveh, that does not mean that not going to Nineveh is in itself a sin.

And this you aren’t taught in Sunday Sch

Mimi hushangaa kwa porn jamaa akichomoa mjuls kwa p.ussy anajipiga na mkono akimwaga. So wrong, God cant be happy.

Kuntonga bishop ni sin

What an explanation!