Watu waache kubeba Riggy G vibaya

Of late he looks like he is competing for Ruto’s attention.

Ruto should keep him close if he wants to rule bila kusumbuliwa.

Alafu someone needs to teach Ndindi Nyoro how to dress casually but still look official.

Gachagua should be his own man, let him stop tagging Ruto every where, let him start touring Mt. Kenya region for Thanksgiving.

Exactly .

Hapana. This is was the initial cause of problems between Uhuru and Ruto.

Remember when Uhuru told Ruto to stop kutangatanga?

That created the tangatanga Vs kieleweke formations which later became Kenya Kwanza Vs Azimio coalitions.

Vitu zimeletwa na wazungu unataka tujifunze standards zao?
Wewe leta standards n styles na fashion za hides n skins acha kutusumbua.

Murkomen amefura hapo nyuma anaona asharudishwa safu kadhaa na mkamba wetu alfred kawaida Kimbele mbele. Wote wanafaa kuwa safi moja nyuma yake Rais.

Huyo body guard ya rais must be having lots of secrets. Imagine he was next to uhuru for years and heard all that uhuru and his people were saying/planning even in private and now he is with looto and UDAkuist and hearing all that they say. I think a bodyguard should retire with his boss.

Him tagging Ruto isn’t helping either, the more he tags, the more he gets humiliated.

Gachagua still has that asskissing sycophant mentality from his DO days. He needs to shape up to become the leader if he wants to rule the mountain.

Ni body guard is in dark shades. huyo ni ADC.

Ruto will soon get his own trusted guards. I am sure they are undergoing vetting now.

Riggy ataanza kulia vile anatembea kwa nyasi na small wig wako kwa red carpet. If Riggy doesn’t put these coat tail hangers in their place hao watu wataanza madharao dogo dogo to him as they will naturally assume their proximity to power makes them powerful enough to over shadow Riggy

Seems this will be Kenya’s most scrutinised presidency ever.

Ojingas falling over themselves scrutinizing nonsense.

Can be as salty as you want, Riggy needs to stamp his authority kwa hawa wadogo

gachagua this gachagua that! mbwa nyinyi ama hamna kazi ya kufanya matako nyinyi

Si hata wewe uko hapa panya hii. Huna kazi pia

He will stop tagging along once the cabinet is named, ambassadors appointed, head of parastatals, etc. He fears being short changed. Already Mudavadi has been short changed.

They are simply idle oiingas. They’ll be doing that for the next 10 years

Explain (20 marks)

Kaba Uhuru. Wakati wake petrol was affordable.